Filling up your child’s love tank- one affirmation at a time.

If we are supposed to lead by example as parents, one of the most life-changing lessons we can give our kids is how to think positively about themselves and others, even when the going gets tough. 

Self-love can fuel their love toward others, creating encouraging and kind humans. Using affirmations when communicating with your child helps to develop their ways of thinking in a positive way.

Let’s look at what affirmations can do, 15 powerful phrases to speak over your child, and check out a few affirmation card sets and books. 

What Are Affirmations?

Affirmations are empowering statements that help form a habit of positive thinking. For example, an affirmation can be said about yourself, like “I can do this.” or spoken over someone else, as in “You can do this.” 

The words we say about our children will either discourage or encourage them. Helping to shape their mindsets throughout their lives can be one of the heaviest parts of parenthood we can face since, all too often, we can be unkind to ourselves. 

Your reflection on life, the things you say, and how you handle situations will have a lasting impact on your child. Taking the time to speak kindness and love affirmations over them, no matter how challenging the day might’ve been, will teach them unconditional love and help them to know they are valued. 

Looking them in the eyes or holding them and speaking one or two affirmations a day over them will cause you to slow down and remind your sometimes-exhausted heart to remember how deep your love can reach. This can cultivate a connection with your children that will last a lifetime, always in the back of their minds, building solid-self esteem. 

Raising their self-esteem will help them to dream big and give them the confidence to succeed. Knowing they are wanted and accepted will keep your family bonded through the tough times in life. 

More Affirmations Resources

As adults, we can consciously decide to say positive things about ourselves and others, but it can still take some practice. What better way to instill this habit into ourselves and our children than by intentionally speaking positive affirmations over them on a daily basis? 

Expressing outward positivity may feel forced or awkward the first few times, but putting your child’s needs of a fantastic human example above that momentary feeling of awkwardness will pay off big time.

Having illustrated guides can help to build this habit into our daily routines. Here are some affirmation cards and books to help you connect. 

Affirmation Cards

  • You can choose from the most engaging designs and just about any style your heart might desire from Etsy’s selection of affirmation cards for kids. 

  • This set of affirmation cards is even for the youngest readers since it uses the alphabet flash card style for their affirmation prompts. Added plus is the canvas drawstring bag to store them in! 

  • The special education teacher at Warwick Sunday has gone above and beyond by creating an easy-to-clean card set that is more than just affirmations.  The backside of each card is filled with mindfulness inspiration that aims to reduce worry and relax their minds with imaginative tools. Their cotton drawstring bag says “My Power Words.” 

A woman and three kids

Affirmation Books

Need some more ideas for bonding? Check out this family fun bucket list and gluten-free play dough recipe for time together! 

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October 28, 2022 — Cassi Donegan
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