Us momma's never like when our babies are sick. Luckily, there are many different ways we can help. The first line of defense can be a home defense. I want to encourage you that there are many powerful remedies that can help your babes before antibiotics.Whether this is your first kiddo rodeo or you 6th, ear infections are common. So here are the top 3 home remedies to help ease an ear infection at first sight! Key word here is to catch it EARLY. 

1. Willow & Garlic Oil; #1 Ear Infection Oil

Willow Garlic Ear Oil for Ear Infections
Mercurii Baby​​
Mercurii Mom's Tips for Ear infection: Willow/Garlic Ear Oil
Garlic is a known natural antibiotic and also helps to stimulate the immune system. It contains allicin, which is what gives it i't's strong antibacterial capabilities. As for the willow bark, willow bark is used in natural medicine for easing pain. Which we all know can be quite intense for a little one with an ear infection.When Phoenix and Maverick (my kids) had ear infections, this willow garlic ear oil helped incredibly in preventing a visit to the doctor. There were only a few times where I  did not catch the ear infection in time and had to head to the doctor for some antibiotics. But sadly even then, the antibiotics did not work very well. My poor son had almost 3 different rounds of antibiotics and none were working. But I feel like this is a much longer conversation for another post :) Dosage: Our pediatrician advises 3-4 drops 2-3x's per day depending on severity.But we usually pair with silver drops. Read mom tip #2 to find out more. 

2. Smart Silver -or- Colloidal Silver

Silver Drops for Ear Infections
Mercurii Baby​​
Mercurii Mom's Tip For Ear Infection: Colloidal Silver
Smart silver was another suggestion amongst the mom tips for ear infections. To be honest, I use this for almost anything. It is one of my MUST haves and go to's for many childhood sicknesses.Silver is another natural antimicrobial with antibacterial properties. HERE is a great place to read up on one of my favorite silver brands, DesBio.Silver Brands we love:  Recommended dosage: 3 drops per ear. Recommended to also pair with a type of garlic ear oil for stronger impact. 

3. Hydrogen Peroxide

I have actually used Hydrogen peroxide for many years to clean out my ears. I started doing this when I learned that cramming a cue tip up our ears can actually lodge wax further in the ear, potentially causing other issues.As an adult, I usually have Hydrogen Peroxide sit in each ear for about 10 minutes. But for babies, it's how ever long they can sit still. This can help have a clean ear to heal. Just remember, use food grade hydrogen peroxide only.‍

4. Warm Compress

A warm compress is a traditional way to ease the pain of an ear ache. Just place a warm washcloth over their ear white trying to have them lay down for a few minutes. Do this a few times a day or as needed. I love to do this while I am waiting for any other pain remedies to kick in.‍

Final Thoughts on Ear Infections

Children getting sick is inevitable! It will happen. Which ironically, is a good thing. It builds their immune system every time they encounter a new bug. That said, we don't like to see them suffer. Having some great tools in your medicine cabinet to have at the ready will ease your stress when the moment arises.If you have any other recommendations you love that help with ear infections, please send to We love to hear from all you moms and dads out there. Parenting is not a one size fits all, so we love to share all the experiences you've had! 
July 08, 2022 — Gabriela Wentworth
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