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There are so many registry checklists, registry websites, and honestly, the lists for what baby gear we need as parents is quite extensive. 

The joke is always that they come with quite the baggage for such little humans. 

But this list isn't any of those lists. The products and baby gear listed below is full of baby gear you won't want to live without. It's baby gear that you will find relief and comfort knowing you have it at exactly the time you need it! It's the gear that helps you as a family, helps create healthy families, and aids in focusing on the joy of parenthood rather than the frustrating or concerning moments. 

1. Nosi-Boo

This is by far the BEST baby product you won't want to live without. As a parent, I have used it many times and gifted it many times over. 

When my oldest son Maverick was 1 month old he struggled through RSV. I remember going to the hospital and all they said they could do was suck out the boogers. I thought to myself, there MUST be an easier, more affordable, & less stressful way to be able to do this at home and prevent hospitalization of babies with mucus. That's when I discovered the Nosi-Boo. It has powerful suction and has prevented both my kids from having any dangerous chest congestion! It has been a lifesaver and stress reliever at any sign of boogers. 

Let's be very clear. Your child will NOT like it the first few times you do it. But I told my kids they need it and cuddled them close when I was done. I have never regretted using it. It is truly a baby product you won't want to live without. 

2. Argentyn Silver

Another baby product I have not stopped using the last 5 years of motherhood is Argentyn Silver. To be clear this is not colloidal silver. It is very similar but it is more potent, stronger and effective. It is also usable in a nebulizer for those intense coughs. 

Argentyn silver is a baby product you won't want to live without. The most common uses: 

+ Preventative, immune boosting aid

+ Use in ears for ear infections 

+ Spray on rashes, hives, or yeast overgrowth and many other skin issues. 

+ & my personal favorite - nebulize for difficulty breathing and those intense, hard to get rid of coughs. 

use Argentyn for kids​​

3. Willow/Mullein Garlic

Another incredible baby product I won't live without is the Willow & Mullein Garlic oil. 

Did you know, that because a baby's skull is not fully formed it can cause ear drainage problems? As a child gets older the drainage pathways get steeper, like a slide, allowing drainage through the ears. But as babies, that pathway is not fully formed and actually lays more flat. Making it hard to consistent drainage and causing build up, leading to ear infections. 

This Willow/Mullein Garlic oil has helped every single time in my my parenting journey. Mixed with some chiropractic care to relieve the ear canal drainage, I have been able to avoid any antibiotics and the issues that come along side that. 

A tip: heat up the oil for 40 seconds to get warm. Test on your forearm first to make sure it's not too hot. Then put a few drops in their ear. The warmth will provide a lot of relief to a painful ear. 

4. Nebulizers

Although number 4 in this list, I would argue all are of equal importance in our home. 

Nebulizers are definitely a baby gear product I would not live without. Even for me, I use it all the time! For what exactly? 

Coughs. This is my go to for helping to treat any coughs my kids might have. I put in some Argentyn Silver, dilute with a little bit of water and try to have the kids finish the solution. 

Coughs can be very concerning to hear as a parent. There are so many kinds of coughs your child can suffer from! The key here is to catch it early, treat it by nebulize silver and it has always done the trick for us!

Another solution I make for coughs if the Argentyn silver isn't helping a particular cough is food grade hydrogen peroxide. This especially works for croup and congestive coughs. 

Nebulizer Helping with Coughs​​

5. Baby Rocker & Holder

Sometimes life as a mom can be overwhelming. We navigate a lot as a mom in the young years. That's why a baby rocker is another piece of baby gear I won't life without. 

We used it to rock baby to sleep so that we could walk away and do chores when they fell asleep. Sometimes I would prop up a bottle on top of a blanket for them to have. It was also a great way to have my daughter phoenix be propped up and watch me cook. She felt like I was there and not like I just left her on the floor and walked away. Which means there was less crying and more time for me to make dinner haha. 

Baby Rocker & Holder

6. Ozone Treatments & Products

Now, this is the more expensive option of all the essentials I own. BUT I figure it worth the mention since it has made the biggest difference in our family l life. 

Ozone is a bit hard to explain. But the short synopsis is that it is an oxygen therapy that provides antibacterial, antiviral and anti-fungal properties! We have used it to heal coughs, ear infections, sinus infections and I have even used it to get rid of a UTI. Yup. You read that right! A UTI! I have also used it in an ozonated oil form for out of control rashes. 

Perhaps I will write a more in depth blog post about the topic but if you are interested in learning more I have linked a small and simple book on the topic as well as a website to purchase ozone products. 

Family Ozone Healing
January 31, 2023 — Gabriela Wentworth

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