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Breastfeeding can be beneficial for you and your baby. Your milk is the most nutritional drink on this planet and changes to meet your baby's needs as they grow.

Benefits Of Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding can help you to emotionally and physically bond with your baby in a way no one else can, skin-to-skin, and this act of self-sacrifice may also reduce your risk of

  • Breast Cancer

  • Ovarian cancer

  • Type 2 Diabetes

  • Heart disease 

The breast milk you provide may improve the baby’s development and lower the baby’s risk of 

  • Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS)

  • Type 2 Diabetes

  • Asthma

  • Obesity

  • Allergies 

Tips For Breastfeeding From Moms, To Moms

In this post, we’re giving you a few follow-worthy Instagram accounts to check out for breastfeeding support, some suggestions for safe and healthy breastfeeding supplements, product ideas, and reading resources to keep you ahead of the game. 

Educational Breastfeeding Resources 

Use all the resources! Whether you’re new to breastfeeding or a long-time maker of milk, knowledge is power. Breastfeeding can be tricky; it’s not spoken about enough, and it can sometimes be lonely without the proper support. So it can be good, and save you some time and frustration, to find helpful support before the going gets tough. Check out these breastfeeding-friendly Instagram accounts recommended by moms. 

For in-person support, if you have your baby at a hospital or a birth center, request to speak with their lactation consultant and ask them for any general knowledge tips they can provide. 

Some birthing facilities offer breastfeeding classes, and you can check out some free breastfeeding classes online, like this one from Milkology. You can also find lactation experts in your area that can come to your home to help you with latching, positioning, and more. 


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Breastfeeding Supplements

Every woman’s body, health, and milk supply are different. Some of us need extra support in the milk production area, and that’s ok! Amazing products are on the market now to help you boost and maintain a healthy milk supply. You can brew hot moringa leaf herbal tea or mix up some delicious organic vegan superfood lactation powders like Milk Dust or Majka. Find what works for you, and don't give up! 

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Breastfeeding Support Products 

Breastfeeding products are a great way to shower yourself in self-care during this journey. Kindred Bravely has a great line of organic cotton nursing bras, reusable bamboo nursing pads, and tank tops made to give breastfeeding moms fast and easy access. 

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Reading Resources

There are hundreds of books on breastfeeding, like Ina May’s Guide to Breastfeeding. You’ll find breastfeeding books on a wide range of topics, from nursing tandem to exclusively pumping, but read reviews to ensure it’s a reputable resource!

You can find in-depth breastfeeding courses online, like this budget-friendly one from Milky Mama, or if you’re not ready to invest, Tiny Hood offers a free breastfeeding course.

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Dealing With Biting While At The Breast?

When your baby is teething, sick, or needs more milk...biting can happen. This nibble is usually normal and innocent, almost like a reflex, but that doesn’t make it any less painful for a nursing mama! Plus, when they are teething or sick, getting to nurse is so soothing for them, so they may ask to cuddle up much more! 

Try not to worry about the what-ifs, relax, and be proactive. It may be a one-time occurrence, but repositioning their latch may help. Before you nurse a teething baby, it may help pre-soothe that reflex by giving them something to chew on, like our non-toxic teether toys or something frozen, and by providing any pain relief they need beforehand. 

Need more teething relief tips remedy? Head over to our Natural Teething Remedies post! 

Teether toys

Wrapping It Up

We hope these tips and resources encourage you on your breastfeeding journey. If your baby is moving forward with solids, here's our post on nutrient-rich superfood ideas for your baby to try!

We'd love to hear from you; feel free to comment below with your favorite breastfeeding tips!


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December 14, 2022 — Cassi Donegan, Licensed Practical Nurse

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