I am overjoyed and excited to announce a sweet project we have been working on for weeks here at Mercurii Baby! Custom & hand dyed Organic Baby & Toddler Basics with various plant dyes.

What's all this fuss about hand dyed organic baby clothes?

Our goal here at Mercurii baby has always been to go back to our roots; find the finer things of life in nature and hand them down to our most precious babies. In today's world, it is so crowded with industry. From the industrial businesses all the way to the overcrowded internet. We are so thrilled to bring some true organic and down to earth baby wear for you and your baby to cherish.

Organic baby Cotton clothing
Mercurii Baby​​
Raw cotton being prepared for Organic Natural Plant Dyes

Here's what you need to know:

Over the next few weeks we will be launching an exclusive and custom set of plant dyed baby essentials. Each Wednesday we will send out an email debuting the sweet sets available to you. We will share which plant they were dyed with along with any fun information associated. Some wonderful notes on the excitement and value of each set: 

  • Each item is Hand Dyed by yours truly :) 
  • Each item is custom, no two items will look alike. This is done intentionally! 
  • Limited amount. Because of the challenge and time it takes to dye each piece, there can only be a few hand dyed pieces at a time.
  • Over time, colors may fade but not due to washing. Usually due to the sun. That is what nature intended!

We are trying to go back to our roots. To tap into the aspects of nature that bring us health and peace. That reveal to us that natures version of imperfection is actually perfect in its own right. Shown and demonstrated to us time and time again that -If it ain't broke, don't fix it!

The Point of It All

Life is complex, nature is complex. The only difference is the beauty that each displays. Nature shows us the complexity that is true, right, and honorable. Many times we offer life complexities that are so far from what was intended, making them not worth enduring & often twisting what was originally intended for good, into bad. But nature reveals what things  are worth the fire, worth enduring. From the purifying of Gold, to reviving soil with fire, nature has a profound way of revealing, as if in parables, the way we should live and view life. How to calculate the trials worth their weight.

The point being, nature is so much more a part of our world than we care to give it an ear or listen. There is so much our children can learn. So much that can speak to them if we only value the simple moments & observe the simple things that nature has to offer. My hope is that by putting my heart into each and every custom plant dyed piece, I can offer a small look into the simple yet complex beauty of nature. To give opportunity for our sweet babies to take part in the simple joys, the intriguing complexities that this world has to offer. Ultimately providing a spirit of gratitude, intuition, beauty & joy that this earth has to offer.

So what are you to do?

Well! Sign up for the email at the link below so that each week you will receive the links to the new custom dyes of the week.


We can't wait to be on this journey with you! 

-Gabi Wentworth

Founder of Mercurii Baby

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