Our dye drop TWO is HERE! Dye Drop TWO is made with the a beautifully royal Logwood.

Logwood Tree

So what is Logwood?

Logwood is a bushy, thorny tree grown in Mexico, Central and South America and parts of Africa. The purple dye is concentrated in the heartwood of the tree.

History of LOGWOOD Dyes

Also known as the desert bloodwood, the logwood tree is actually a legume, part of the pea family. It is a tree, rich in areas throughout Central America and parts of the Caribbean, that grows up to fifty foot high and has thin, smooth bark with thorns. It is a hard wood and unlike most wood, Logwood sinks in water. Logwood extract is derived from the heartwood of medium to large old-growth trees.In the days of natural things, before man discovered how to make everything from chemicals, Logwood had become known as a source of dye. It had been known by the Spanish from the 1500s when they got to Campeche, and by the Mayans in the area from long before that.Its sale was actually outlawed in England in the 1500s, supposedly because the colors it produced weren’t lightfast, but that didn’t last long. When they learned using additives (mordants) would make the colors more permanent, the ban was lifted and Logwood became a HIGHLY sought after commodity. Since Logwood can yield rich, deep purples and even black, it was extremely desirable in European fashion and aristocracy. Especially because at the time, there weren’t any other natural dye sources yielding such colors. It was exclusively worn by the elite which meant it was being sold and bought for exceptionally high prices. Wearing Logwood dyed textiles had become sign of status.

Hand Dyed Baby Products
Mercurii Baby​​

How these pieces were dyed

We completed a full set of Logwood dyed pieces for Mercurii baby with our 100% organic cotton products; romperonesiecrib sheet oversized blanket. Before we could actually dye them, we had to prepare the fabric to receive the dye, otherwise the dye might wash out way too fast and the color would not be able to be enjoyed!To prepare, we first cleaned the products in steaming water to clean the product, this is called scouring. Then while still wet we used a non toxic mordant to help "open up the pores" of the clothing so to speak, which allows the color to bind to the clothes.Lastly we dipped the clothing in the prepared dye bath and let sit in a controlled temperature measured pot for about an hour. Once removed from the dye vat, we did a nice rinse in the washing machine, let them hang dry and ta da! These beautiful Lac 100% organic baby products were brought to life.

More Cuteness...

Organic Logwood Dyed Baby Clothes
Mercurii Baby​​
Organic Romper Hand Dyed with Logwood
Mercurii Baby​​
Organic Baby Onesie Hand Dyed with Logwood
Mercurii Baby​​

Want in on the cuteness?

See links below to check out these limited edition, one of kind baby essentials.Baby Romper & OnesiesBaby Crib Sheet & Oversized Blanket

Not your color?

No worries! We have so many more beautiful pieces coming out over the next few weeks.Read HERE, to learn more about the purpose and beauty behind our dye drops.Sign up HERE, to get notified of new dye drops so you can choose the color that's perfect for YOU! <3Until next time sweet friend!Gabi
July 08, 2022 — Gabriela Wentworth

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