Hello Mom's! One of the biggest questions and tip needs the mom's in our community have is some great healthy breakfast recipes for kids! 

Healthy Breakfast you say?

Yes! Healthy breakfast is one of the best ways to help equip your child for a good day! Feeding them food that strengthens them helps their immune system during the day AND also helps them create good habits early in life. That way, when the fly the coop, they will have healthy habits & desires instilled in them. 

Here is what the mom's in our community have submitted for healthy breakfast options:

Healthy Breakfast Ideas: Egg Bites
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This is a super  easy way to get some fun healthy breakfast for your kids in the morning! You can pick and choose what each member in the family wants in them without a huge fuss or huge mess. Personally, my kids love ham and cheese so that's probably what I'd add in. As for my husband, i'd throw in some jalapeños, onions & peppers.For a more comprehensive recipe, check out the link HERE.

Healthy Breakfast Options for Kids: Smoothie
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I mean, ya can't go wrong with a smoothie. We know how our little ones are picky about everything from texture to color. Luckily you can really customize colors with smoothies while also having it be a healthy breakfast option! ;) The best way many mom's have shared to always have a good tasting smoothie is to always add either apple juice or a banana. This is a full proof way to always have a kid proof smoothie recipe. Need smoothie packs at an affordable price?! We have found that Costco offers some amazing deals on smoothie packs, frozen fruit packs and even organic smoothie packs! Check out what they have in stock HERE.‍

Healthy Breakfast recipes for kids: Banana Bread
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Base Culture is my (and my kid's) all time favorite healthy breakfast banana and pumpkin bread! It is gluten free, dairy free, preservative free bread! I mean, if you're not jumping for joy in your kitchen right now you should. This has saved us SO much time in the morning.And guess what?! Base Culture has SO many more products great for breakfast that add some health into your kid's morning routine. Check them out HERE. We usually purchase from wholefoods or instacart.

Healthy breakfast recipes for kids: potato hash
Mercurii Baby​​


What kid doesn't love potatoes?! As a helathy breakfast option, you can't really go wrong. This is also a great recipe to make a large batch and have in the fridge to heat up the next day! I usually create a batch just for the kids, seasoned with garlic powder, paprika & onion powder. Because lord knows the kids can't handle seeing little bits of onion or peppers haha. And then I make a large batch for me and my husband with peppers, onions and chorizo. It really is to die for!HERE is a great link to a recipe that can give you more of a step by step process. Just pick and choose the added ingredients you want.

That's all for Healthy breakfast tips this week! If you have any more healthy breakfast recipes to share check out our Instagram! This is also a great place to share these links to these recipes!Stay tuned for more Mom Tips! Talk soon,- Gabi Wentworth & the Mercurii Family

July 08, 2022 — Gabriela Wentworth
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