There is no one way to parent.

This past week I started a series called Mom Tips, where moms can submit their tip needs and other mom's can send their tips to help the moms in need.

One of the biggest tip requests received was tips for Sleep Training. Here are all the tips the mom's suggested in our community: 

1. "Taking Cara Babies" training class

Tip 1: Taking Cara Babies Class. Pictured: Mercurii Tie Dye Longsleeve

This was, by far ,the tip we received the most from other mom's. I personally have not taken this class but many mom's swear by it.

Here is a little excerpt from Cara on her course: 

"We know you want your baby to be a great little sleeper. Instead, your nights are rough or your naps are a mess. Is your baby needing you all night long? Is bedtime a constant battle? This can leave you feeling frustrated, exhausted, and completely overwhelmed.

We know your baby can be that great little sleeper and that you should have the tools to help your baby sleep independently through the night and take restful naps."

If you're interested in reading more click HERE. She has a lot of great information and FAQ's about sleep training and her course.

2. "No Cry Sleep Solutions" by Elizabeth Pantley

Sleep Tip 2: the no-cry sleep solution

This was another great tip you mom's submitted for helping parents sleep train. Here is a little bio on this book: 

"Hey parents, you’re not alone. Nearly every baby resists sleep. If you don’t want to tough it out from dusk until dawn, but there’s no way you would ever let your baby “cry it out” The No-Cry Sleep Solution provides a third option for you: a proven method for pinpointing the root of sleep problems and solving them in ways that are gentle to babies, effective for parents, and foster peace in the home.

This parenting classic delivers clear, step-by-step methods for improving your child’s sleep—without any crying. You’ll learn how to:

  • Figure out why your baby isn’t sleeping well
  • Create a customized plan for helping your child sleep through the night
  • Have a happier baby who takes adequate daily naps
  • Help your baby to fall asleep peacefully—and stay asleep"

This is a great solution for mom's and parents who have a hard time letting your baby cry it out. Elizabeth gives great tools on how to identify where your baby is at with their sleep struggles and how to sooth them.


3. "Happiest Baby On The Block" by Harvey Karp M.D.

This was the book I made my husband read before we had our first son, Maverick. And what a good husband, he actually read it! Cover to cover. I could not be a more proud wife. :) 

Many of you may be familiar with this author's notorious Snoo bassinet, which automatically soothes a baby back to sleep. I know many champion mom's that are very content soothing their babies day in and night out. However, I was not that gal hahah So this book and Snoo really helped this mom and dad.

Some takeaways: 

  • Very simple and straightforward How To's.
  • Provides insight and understanding from a medical perspective on baby's, soothing and sleep

Overall, we have a great personal experience with this book and product. It helped with our first two babies a lot. I highly recommend. Although, again, note that parenting is not a one size fits all. I have known parents where this does not work for them. Granted, not many, but it does happen no matter the advice or technique.

4. "The Sleep Lady's Good Night Sleep Tight" by Kim West

Sleep Tip 4: The Sleep Lady

Finally, The Sleep Lady was another top recommendation and read. Here is a little excerpt about her book: 

"Kims’ best-selling book can guide you when navigating newborn sleep and beyond. For newborns, the book helps you focus on setting yourself and your newborn up for sleep success. There is plenty you can do for your little sleepyhead now, even if they aren’t developmentally ready to be coached to sleep. The book will guide you to gently shape your newborns’ sleep habits by teaching soothing techniques, how to create a sleep friendly environment and a soothing pre-sleep routine. In the future, it will serve as a great guide to sleep train your baby when you are both ready."

She also has incredible resources on her website. She has a great free sleep guide you can check out HERE. It might give you some insight into whether this approach is for you and your little one prior to purchasing her book or other products.

Time Is Your Friend

Other than the previously mentioned resources, we also had many momma's encourage us other moms that time is our friend. It won't last forever. When we remember this, we can see that there is grace for this season. As a mom, I always had anxiety when I felt like I didn't have everything under control, believing that it was my fault. But the reality of it is, there is actually Grace standing in the place of things that we don't see, know or understand. Grace for you, grace for your children, and your family. From the many mom's that submitted their tips to you, there is Grace in letting go!

Grace in Letting Go
July 08, 2022 — Gabriela Wentworth
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