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Portable &
Washable Play Mat

100% Organic Cotton Inside and Out


Sweaters: Organic Cotton
& Buttery Soft

Sizing 0-5T

We aspire to make healthy living as easy for you and your family as possible. It can be overwhelming to understand the ins and outs of health surrounding your little ones, but our goal is to be a place to help you piece it all together.

Made Intentionally

Our goal is to always be transparent and share about the health impacts of each product we carry or produce. Everything is intentionally created to benefit our little ones and yours. With that in mind, what positively affects our babes also reduces the impact on the environment. That’s why everything we have in our online store is organic or the best possible version of itself.

About Us

Mercurii Baby was founded by  Gabriela Wentworth, mom of two, amidst glorious 2020. She had a vision to create a baby brand that stands by its values, asks the tough questions, and fights for the health of our little ones.

Tired of being mislead by large baby brands claiming to produce "organic" products, Gabi set out to create something better. A baby brand that actually takes the time to source organic and pure materials. Building a healthier environment for our little ones and the world they live in.