Non-Toxic Leather Mat: What does it mean to be non-toxic?

"Impact assessment studies suggest that vegan leather goods, crafted from innovative materials such as plant-based fibers and recycled synthetics, offer a promising solution to mitigate the environmental impact associated with...

We write these blog posts to get you familiar with healthy ways to help your baby. We are always striving to write about new and exciting things that surround your babies health. We encourage everyone in our community to base their everyday decisions on numerous sources of information, including those contrary to ours. There is a lot of information out there and it can be hard to tell what is true or false. But always note that when it comes to health, it is tailor made from person to person, baby to baby.

The Perfect Non-Toxic Baby Play Mat

Non-Toxic Leather Mat: What does it mean to be non-toxic?

Not all vegan leather is created equal. When considering our children, material is always important! In this article we discuss some popular vegan leather materials and their impact on the environment and our health. Plus, find out what makes the Mercurii Baby Play Mat your perfect non-toxic vegan leather baby play mat.
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Baby on Mercurii Leather Mat in Unbleached Undyed Frill Romper

The Ultimate Guide to Non-Toxic Baby Play Mats: Why You Need a Non-Toxic Baby Leather Play Mat

Creating a safe environment for your little one is a top priority as a parent, and choosing the right baby play mat is crucial. Discover why these mats are an excellent choice for your baby's health and development, as we explore their unique features and advantages.
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Importance of Non-Toxic Organic Baby Clothes

"Understanding Forever Chemicals: Detoxing Your Body from PFAS & Beyond"

We live in a world increasingly filled with chemicals, from the food we eat to the items we use every day. With all the industrial chemicals in our environment, it’s becoming increasingly important to understand their effects on our health.
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Non-Toxic Living

A Family's Guide to Non-Toxic Living: Tips from a Health Coach

Non-Toxic living can seem overwhelming. Like everything is toxic and that it seems hopeless to live a non-toxic life. Rest...
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Affordable Baby Bedding & Basics

Organic Baby Basics You Can Sleep In: The Benefits of Certified Organic Cotton for Newborns

As a new parent, you want to provide your baby with the best possible care, and this includes the clothes they wear. Organic baby basics can give your newborn the extra protection, comfort, and safety they need.
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Organic Baby Gift Bundles & Sets

New Baby Bundle Boxes: A Convenient and Affordable Baby Gift Option

A great way to save money on a bundle of organic baby products or send a gift to a loved one. They come in specialized collection for both girls and boys. You can also customize the size of each product in the bundle for extra customization.
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Girls in organic cotton

4 Weaponized Fabrics You Want To Avoid

What you wear may absorb into your skin and be inhaled into your lungs. Limiting exposure to weaponized fabrics may benefit your health. Let's look at four of these toxic fabrics, the reason why, and what you can use instead.
Cassi Donegan, Licensed Practical Nurse
organic cotton clothing on jumping boy

Why Should You Choose Organic Cotton?

In this post, we'll talk about the difference between organic cotton and conventional cotton, if what we wear affects our health, the benefits of organic cotton, and the newest additions to Mercurii Baby's organic products.
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The Baby Gear You Actually Need

Baby Gear You Won't Want Live Without

Baby Registry lists are so long these days. Not everything is really essential. That is why we created a list of some of the most essential baby gear that has had a positive affect on our family.
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happy girl in organic clothing

5 Healthy Habits For The New Year

2023 is coming in fast! It's time to think about healthy habits for you and your family. Let's go over five simple ways you can intentionally choose to increase your family's social, emotional, and physical well-being this new year.
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Two babies

Breastfeeding Tips and Resources

In this post, we’re giving you a few follow-worthy Instagram accounts to check out for breastfeeding support, some suggestions for safe and healthy breastfeeding supplements, product ideas, and reading resources to keep you ahead of the game.
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Mercurii Baby Infinity Teethers

Six Natural Teething Remedies For Babies

If your baby hasn't started teething yet, you may wonder when your baby's teeth will come in and what kinds of teething symptoms there are. We'll talk about this and six natural teething remedies you can use to soothe your baby.
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