Dye Drops: Our Hand Dyed Organic Baby & Toddler Collections

I am overjoyed and excited to announce a sweet project we have been working on for weeks here at Mercurii Baby! Custom & hand dyed Organic Baby & Toddler Basics...

We write these blog posts to get you familiar with healthy ways to help your baby. We are always striving to write about new and exciting things that surround your babies health. We encourage everyone in our community to base their everyday decisions on numerous sources of information, including those contrary to ours. There is a lot of information out there and it can be hard to tell what is true or false. But always note that when it comes to health, it is tailor made from person to person, baby to baby.

Organic Hand Dyed Cotton Baby Clothes

Dye Drops: Our Hand Dyed Organic Baby & Toddler Collections

We are excited to be talking about pursuing organic hand dyed baby & toddler clothing! Here is a little bit about our dye drop series.
Logwood Hand Dyed Organic Baby Clothes

Dye Drop TWO - Logwood

Logwood provides one of the most royal colors in the plant dyeing world. It's deep blue purple also makes it a great gender neutral color. These logwood hand dyed baby clothes also make a great & unique gift.
Gabriela Wentworth