Dealing With Diaper Rashes: Causes and How To Make Them Go Away

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Many babies develop a diaper rash at some time or another, and having what you’ll need in hand can prepare you for helping them right away! 

Whether you cloth diaper use disposables, there’s a chance you might experience opening up a diaper to find a red, spotted rash causing irritation that your baby can’t yet tell you about. 

Let’s take a look at what might be causing it and eight natural remedies to treat your baby’s current or future diaper rash.

What Causes a Diaper Rash?

Since diaper rashes can look similar, it can be hard to tell the exact cause, but here are a few things that may be causing it. 

  • Eating or drinking something the baby is allergic or intolerant to 

  • Diaper or wipe ingredients causing an allergic reaction 

  • Diarrhea or prolonged poop contact 

  • Yeast infections

  • Excessive moisture exposure 

  • Current diaper cream ingredients

  • Transitioning from milk or formula to solids

  • Antibiotics

  • Viruses

No matter the cause, a safe and natural diaper rash cure can help soothe and restore your baby’s skin. 

Eight Natural Remedies for Diaper Rash


Earthley’s Baby Balm promotes healing and provides a protective barrier for diaper rashes. It’s made with six 100% organic ingredients in a convenient salve stick for application.

Earthley baby balm salve stick


Earth Mama Organics diaper rash balm is EWG verified. It can also be used as a nipple cream and boo-boo remedy.

Earth mama Organics diaper balm
Earth Mama ​​Organics


You may have heard of using olive oil to cover your baby’s bottom with olive oil during their first few days of life after diaper changes to help protect it from the ultra-sticky first poops, meconium. 

Olive oil provides a safe, protective layer, and this superfood fights against bacteria and inflammation. Choosing Extra Virgin ensures that your oil is free from any unnatural processing that most oils go through with solvents, heating, and bleaching.

Olive oil in glass containers surrounded by olives

Argentyn Silver Spray

This homeopathic first-aid spray can help relieve inflammation, infection, and pain, making it another great addition for soothing a diaper rash right away. They also have a gel form of Argentyn for diaper rashes, too!

Argentyn Silver Gel


Unrefined coconut oil has naturally occurring vitamin E and is an easy way to help protect your baby’s skin from inflammation and treat a diaper rash when it occurs. Coconut oil enhances the skin’s protective barrier making this a great 1-ingredient diaper rash remedy.

Coconut oil


Using this liquid gold on your baby’s boo-boos, including diaper rashes, is perfectly natural. Breast milk contains molecules that fight against infection, inflammation, and bacteria. Even if you use another diaper rash remedy on top of it, getting the beneficial breast milk on the irritated skin can help.

Bottle of breast milk


Farm House on Boone shares a diaper rash cream recipe with bentonite clay, zinc, and essential oils that can be made in 10 minutes. These safe and non-toxic ingredients can help to heal and protect your baby’s skin.

Jar of salve


Mixing a few tablespoons of apple cider vinegar (ACV) with your baby’s bath water can help rebalance their skin’s ph balance, promoting faster healing. Studies show that ACV has antifungal and antibacterial properties. Just be sure to dilute the ACV before soaking your baby’s skin in it to prevent further irritation.

Apples and a jar of apple cider vinegar

So although a diaper rash can have many different causes, the main goal of most diaper rash remedies is to regulate moisture balance, reduce inflammation and bacteria while promoting healing. 

You can make your own remedy using safe and effective ingredients, purchase one to have on hand, or add it to your baby registry-it's a common baby shower gift! 

Be sure to let your baby’s bottom air out for diaper-free time when you can to dry any trapped moisture and speed up healing time. 

Wiggly baby during all those diaper changes? Mercurii Baby's Teether Collection can give your baby something non-toxic and chew-worthy for entertainment during their favorite time.

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October 26, 2022 — Cassi Donegan

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