I can't believe that launch day is finally here. Mercurii Baby is finally launched and ready for purchase! Ahhh This has been about 2 years in the making and this whole week and day as felt surreal. We were originally going to start with some baby product invention ideas we had, but long story short we were dragged through the mud and a money pit, when we realized we sadly did not hire the right company for the job.

I was ready to give up hope - when I remembered why I was excited to start a baby company in the first place. I wanted to help parents and babies live better, happier and healthier lives. I could still do that in other ways! And thus, Mercurii Baby was born.

Why Mercurii?

So why name it Mercurii?

We actually had an entire other name picked out. I was working on the logo, website etc... when suddenly, popped up on my instagram scroll, was a company that had almost an identical name, and it was a baby company! Can you believe that?! haha I was bummed for a few days but took that as a sign from God, saving me from more headache had I launched with the original brand name.

So we went back to the drawing board. My husband and I sat on the couch for a few afternoons in a row jotting down some of the most ridiculous ideas. Many of them were made up words... Eventually I recalled a conversation with some dear friends of ours whose family is from Ghana. They were telling us how it is customary for newborns to have a traditional tribe name and then their english name. I remember them explaining how their tribe names are actually dictated by their gender and the day they were born. I then realized that both my babies were born on a Wednesday. When I looked it up in Latin, it translated into Mercurii. The kicker is, it ALSO means merchandise. And that was it. The rest was history.

Goals of Mercurii Baby

I started Mercurii Baby with many goals in mind. I am very passionate about many things, but in my core I care most about justice, truth, hope, and sacrifice. I believe these to be some of my main motivators in life and some pinnacle virtues that have the capability of thrusting life into a positive direction or even changing the trajectory of a broken one. That in mind, here are some goals that I am striving for here at Mercurii Baby over the next 3 years.

  • Create healthy and innovative or essential baby products
  • Give and be more involved in the adoption & foster care world
  • Create a community of moms that share their experience and get filled up from the experience and knowledge of others
  • Create a legacy‍

That last one is a big one for me. I always had a problem growing up with moving too quickly. I would do things fast, so fast that I would miss what was coming and what was in front of me. Which means I was always so busy that I was never prepared. But as I grew (praise God), I realized that leaving a legacy, is in essence, slowing down, looking up at what is present, and looking to where we are going. I had a moment where I looked at my babies and where we were going and realized that I still had an opportunity to leave a legacy for them. You see, leaving a legacy isn't really about you. It is about the people that will come after you. I knew I wanted to "leave the place better than how I found it". Something my mom and dad always used to tell me.

I want to create an opportunity for my kids and for others to have a place to work and be proud to work there. I want to build a company that is proud of its moral standing. That is honest and doesn't ebb-and-flow with the chaos of the world but instead is centered, focused, and grounded in values and positive impact.

Leave a legacy, better than how you found it
Mercurii Baby, Signature Green Basic Baby Onesie
July 08, 2022 — Gabriela Wentworth
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